With more people being aware of sustainable living and switching to healthy alternatives, plant-based products are gaining popularity across the world. Especially among those who are lactose intolerant, prefer a vegan diet, or have a specific dietary regime to follow that exclude dairy. Plant-based foods are light on the body and on calories, and do not increase blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Nutritionists advise older people to follow plant-based alternatives for healthier living and better retain nutrients from their meals. Plant-based milk such as nut milk is easily found in grocery stores and supermarkets across the country, and can also be prepared at home. Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are some of the best nuts that can be used for preparing nut milk at home. These nuts are readily available in the local markets, or you can purchase cashew nuts online from trusted brands along with almonds and pistas. 


Here are three super-easy recipes to make plant-based milk at home: 


Cashew Milk

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It is simple to make cashew milk at home and requires very few ingredients – cashews, salt, water, a blender, and a strainer. The ratio of the ingredients depends on how you’d like your milk. For instance, if you need creamier cashew milk, you can use one cup of soaked cashews and three cups of water. You can alter the proportion of your ingredients depending on the quality of milk you plan to make. 

Follow these steps to prepare cashew milk at your home: 

Step-1- Soak the cashews in a bowl filled with water. 

Step-2- Add a teaspoon of salt to the soaked cashews to help activate them and neutralize the enzyme inhibitors in nuts. 

Step-3- After the cashews get soaked, drain the water and rinse the cashews. 

Step-4- Blend the soaked cashew nuts well. 

Step-5- Add filtered water to the crumbled cashew mix in the blender and blend them until it is creamy. 

Step-6- Strain the cashew milk, so that it doesn’t have a grainy consistency while drinking. 

Pro-tip: You may heat the soaked cashews until they become softer if you are in a hurry to prepare cashew milk. 


Almond Milk

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A nutritionally loaded glass of almond milk can be made at home with some simple ingredients such as almonds, water, a blender and a strainer. Once prepared, almond milk lasts up to a few days if you pasteurize it and store it in the refrigerator. For your reference, you can take the ratio of one cup of almonds to two cups of water. 

Prepare almond milk in your kitchen by following the steps given below: 

Step-1- Soak the almonds in a bowl filled with water overnight for about two days. 

Step-2- Then drain and rinse the soaked almonds properly under running water. 

Step-3- Add the soaked almonds and water to a blender and grind them thoroughly. 

Step-4- Blend them at the highest speed for about 2-3 minutes. 

Step-5- Strain the almond milk using a cloth bag or fine-mesh strainer. 


Pistachio Milk

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It combines the goodness of nutrients and a flavoursome treat, especially for vegans and nut lovers. You can make rich and creamy pistachio milk with  pistachios, water, blender, and strainer. You can decide the ratio according to the creaminess of the milk you desire to prepare. 

Follow the simple steps given below to make pistachio milk at your home: 

Step-1- Soak the pistachios overnight in a bowl of water. 

Step-2- Drain the soaked pistachios and then rinse them properly. 

Step-3- Transfer the soaked pistachios to a blender and add water to them. 

Step-4- Blend it thoroughly until you get a creamy and milky texture. 

Step-5- Strain the pistachio milk and serve it cool. 


Step ahead to keep your family healthier by switching to plant-based milk. You can use this milk for various recipes including gravies and desserts, adding flavours to make it more delicious. Check the official website of your trusted brand Zantye’s, to get premium quality nuts at a reasonable price for preparing nut milk at home. 

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