The deficiency of nutrients in your regular diet may lead to many health-related problems. It is crucial to include food items of high nutritional value in your daily meals to meet your dietary needs. A nutritionally loaded nut like the pista is everything you are searching for to complete your meal and meet the nutrition deficiency. Pistachios are an excellent source of protein, iron, magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and healthy fats. The addition of pistachios to your food will have a positive effect on your health in many significant ways. It is quite easy to find premium quality pistas at your local market or even buy pista online from trusted brands. 

Including this nutritional nut in your diet is a piece of cake! Here are five exciting ways to include pistachios in your everyday meals: 

Pista Garnish  

You can add the crunchy, nutritious goodness of pistachios to any of your favourite dishes by adding a few chopped nuts as toppings or for garnishing. Pistachios are often used in salads, cereals, sauces and bread doughs to enhance the taste of the dish and get a crunchy bite. 

Pistachio Milk 

Pistachio milk is a powerhouse of nutrients with a pleasant, mild yet distinct taste. Plant-based nutrition has been on the rise in recent times, and pistachio milk can be a great alternative to dairy milk, especially for vegan and lactose-intolerant consumers. This creamy nut milk is loaded with potassium, which is more in comparison to non-dairy products. It’s quite simple to make pista milk at home – just soak some pistas overnight then blend the mushy nuts with four cups of water. Add some more water and squeeze or strain the pistachio milk out into a bowl. You can store the milk in the refrigerator for about 3 to 5 days. 

Pistachio Butter 

Pistachio Butter is a silky and creamier version of your favourite nut. It is a healthier substitute for your regular diary butter as well as tastier than it. Unlike the high fat and cholesterol properties of dairy butter, this nutty butter has low cholesterol and good fat. It is an excellent option for vegans and for people following a fat loss regime. You can use the butter as a delicious, wholesome spread on bread as well as in cookies, cakes and all sorts of other desserts or sweet snacks. 



Pistachios are a flavorful addition to desserts. The best part about this nut is that it blends seamlessly with other ingredients, imparting a unique flavour to any dish it’s added to. Sweet dishes can be garnished with pistachios or flavoured with them. Pista- flavoured ice cream, cake, or thandai are a few sweet treats that bring out the flavours of this absolutely delicious nut.  


You can always enjoy the taste and crunch of pistas and get its nutritional benefits while enjoying it as a snack. Good quality nuts are readily available in retail stores, or you can buy salted pistas online from well-trusted brands. It’s no secret that nuts like almonds, cashew nuts and pistas are every Indian’s go-to snack option for quick breaks and while travelling. Salted pistachios are a delightfully healthy snack for kids as well. 

Stock your home with a healthy and tasty snacking option without any delay. A box of salted pistas can also be a wonderful gifting option for friends, family and for any occasion. Get premium quality Goan Pistachios from our store delivered to your doorstep. 

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