With records of consumption as far back as 6750 BC, Pistachios are an important part of cuisines from around the world. Native to Central Asia, Iran, and Afghanistan, the commercial production of pistas is majorly done in Iran, USA, Turkey, Syria, Greece, and China for its great taste and health benefits. This nutritious nut can have tremendous positive impacts on your health if incorporated into your daily meals. It is available in the market in its raw form and in roasted or salted flavours as a snacking option. According to NCBI research conducted by scientists, eating pistachios regularly reduces the risk of heart diseases, lowers blood pressure and does not affect a person’s weight. You can easily get pistachios from your nearest retail store or buy pistas online from a trusted brand. 

Aside from the numerous health benefits of pistachios, here are six super-interesting facts about pistachios that you probably didn’t know: 

Pistachios and their names

Did you know that the pista is also known as the ‘Smiling nut’ in Iran and ‘Happy nut’ in China because the shell of the nut splits open when ripen giving it a smiling or happy look. In many places, they are also referred to as ‘Green Almond’. 


The colour

The green colour of the Pistachio with a tint of purple colour on it marks its uniqueness. The green colour of Pistachio is used by chefs as a natural colouring agent while preparing a variety of sweets, especially ice-creams. And the purple tint that you see on the nut is because of its high proportion of antioxidants. 


Historical importance

The word Pistachio comes from the Greek word “pistakion” which means green nut. It was widely cultivated in the Persian empire from where it gradually spread around the world. The Assyrians and Greek believed in the medicinal properties of the nut.  Pistachios are also one of the oldest flowering nuts humans have been consuming for over 9000 years. It is also one of the two nuts mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 43:11). 


Loaded with nutrients

The pistachio is one of the healthiest members of the nut family. Eating pistas daily has many benefits as you get a significant amount of nutrients like protein, fibre, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, carbohydrate, and iron from only one source. Making the pistachio an everyday part of your diet will improve your physical and mental health. It is excellent for the heart, skin and gut health. 


For your health

Scientists suggest that eating pistachios regularly as a part of your daily diet lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  As pistachios have healthy fats, there is no scientific evidence of weight gain from consuming the nut. Pistas are also great for digestion and gut health because of the presence of fibre. Pistachio oil is often used by beauty brands for its nourishing benefits on the skin. You can learn more about the health benefits of pistas from our previous blog post.  


Good luck

It is believed in countries like Israel and Russia that hearing the cracking of pistachio shells is a good omen. Earlier in the middle east countries, couples used to meet under pistachio trees to build a happy relationship. This makes the nut even more special. 

We hope you got learn more about your favourite munching nut from this blog. Get the best of premium quality pistachios from our online shop and stay tuned for some more information with our upcoming blogs while munching your favourite nuts. 

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