Women’s health issues have significantly increased in the past few decades due to a diverse range of factors, from nutrition deficiency to climate change and pollution. To tackle health issues caused by such factors, you need to have a good dietary regime that’s brimming with healthy and wholesome food groups. It is a widely known fact that almonds have a variety of remarkable health benefits, making them one of the most purchased nuts, especially in India. Premium quality almonds are readily available in the local market or you can also buy almonds online in India. Almonds are highly nutritious and filled with fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Whether you take it raw, soak it in water, or use it for garnishing, it benefits you always. The use of almonds in Indian households has traditionally been of high importance because of the taste and flavour that these versatile nuts impart to both savoury preparations as well as sweets. This makes buying good quality almonds for your kitchen a matter of great importance because it will directly impact the health of family members and other people who live with you. 

 Here are five health benefits of almonds that every woman needs to know:  


Prevents Anaemia

Women are twice more prone to anaemia than men. This generally happens due to a decrease in oxygen in the blood cells. Haemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells, is rich in iron. Insufficient iron impedes your body’s ability to create red blood cells that supply oxygen-rich blood. As almonds are a rich source of copper, iron, and vitamins, they help in the increased production of haemoglobin.  Almonds minimize the chance of haemoglobin deficiency by maintaining the blood count in the body. 


Minimizes Skin Issues

Women, especially teenage girls, are prone to skin issues that can affect their confidence in going about their daily lives. As almonds are a good source of fatty acids, they control acne and reduce blackheads by stopping the clogging of pores. Almond oil also helps in reducing rashes and nourishes the skin. 


Hair Growth And Reduced Grey Hairs

In the past few decades, the surge in pollution and excessive use of chemicals in hair products has led to an increase in hair health problems. Having almonds as a part of your diet and using almond oil can significantly improve your hair growth and decrease the risk of hair fall. Almond oil also reduces grey hair and dandruff, making hair lustrous and strong. Such long-term traditional use of almonds is proven to be great for hair care.  



Good For Your Heart

Cardiac issues due to increased cholesterol have been the cause of rising health crisis in women. As almonds are a rich source of antioxidants and have a low calorie count with great health benefits, they are always suggested as a healthy addition to your daily meals or snacks. 


Prevents Birth Defects

According to a report by CNN, the number of children born with congenital anomalies had doubled during the period of 1995-2005. It is scientifically proven that almonds can help prevent congenital disabilities due to the presence of folic acid in the nuts. Folic acid plays an integral role in the proper development of foetal cells. Women who are pregnant or planning to have a baby should make a conscious effort to include almonds in their meals, an essential part of their dietary regime. 



Decreases Stretch Marks

For women whose body confidence gets affected due to stretch marks, almond oils are miraculous. You need to heat some amount of almond oil and then apply them to your stretch marks. Ensure to leave it for at least an hour and do it twice daily to get better results. Pregnant women can also use it regularly to avoid skin tears. 

Lowers Risk Of Osteoporosis

The overall bone health of women generally decreases after the age of 30. This makes them more prone to diseases like Osteoporosis, which makes the bones weak and brittle. Eating a few raw almonds regularly or having almond milk can significantly lower the risk of developing such bone health issues. 

Helps With Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS)

Eating soaked almonds regularly remarkably reduces pre-menstrual symptoms like bloating, back pain, loss of appetite and mood swings. Most of these symptoms are a result of nutrition deficiency in people who menstruate. As almonds are loaded with a number of nutrients, making them a part of regular food habits can help immensely with PMS issues. 

Presenting almonds to the loving women in your life is a love language; getting them for yourself is self-care. Evidently, a good diet plays a crucial role in maintaining good health in women.  Zantye’s premium quality almonds are perfect to help you experience the benefits of these miraculous nuts for a better and healthier life. 

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