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Cashew Processing

Though more of a traditional business for us, Cashew processing has been to a sea of changes. Over the years, it has evolved drastically. Thanks to technology and our commitment to quality, we have been able to meet every requirement of our customers. And give them the best. Collecting raw Cashews:Ideally, harvest season for Cashews lasts roughly from March to May.

During this period, Cashews are collected from organic farms, sun dried for two days and stored in godowns forprocessing throughout the year. Steam Roasting:Cashew nuts are stored in roasting tanks and are subjected to steam (50 lbs./ sq. inch pressure) for around 20 minutes. Then they are released and dried for 24 hours. Shelling:Here, the nuts are de-shelled with hand cutters, and the outer shell and kernels are separated by hand.