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Organic Cashew

Organic production of Cashews:Thanks to new knowledge, machinery and the chemical industry, agriculture has been exposed to remarkable changes. Although this has encouraged production, it has also invited side effects. Therefore, ecologically conscious Cashew processors have developed sound and sustainable agricultural practices. Organic agricultural aims at enhancing natural life cycles and making the right use of naturally available resources.

It entails varied cultivation practices and poses significant restrictions on the use of chemicals likely to have detrimental effects on the environment. Although a new concept, the demand for organic agricultural products is increasing and a new market has been thrown open. The reason why, we have introduced organic Cashewnuts so as to achieve a better balance between the supply and demand for agricultural products, yet cause no harm to the environment.

Organic agriculture & processing is based on:Production of highly nutritional food in sufficient quantityInteraction with natural systems cycles to enhance lifeEncouraging and enhancing biological cycles within farming system.